Luboš is our friend – fund

Luboš is our friend – fund

We would like to ask for help for one of our friend hobby paraglider Luboš (37 years). He is an ordinary guy who likes to ride a bike, go to the mountains and have a beer. Last year, however, on August 17, in a precision landing competition, everything changed. After the interplay of unfortunate coincidences, he crashed down from about fifteen meters. The helicopter transported him to the University Hospital Ostrava-Poruba. Only bad news and unpleasant moments awaited him there.

After the surgery, which Lubos had undergone that day, the diagnosis was a fractured fracture of the thoracic vertebra, when the spinal cord was not broken, but the resulting swelling bruised the nerve canals around the spinal cord. As a result, he was paralyzed from the waist down. He himself and we were hoping for a quick recovery. After a few weeks he was to undergo intensive rehabilitation, but it did not take place. Rehabilitation was delayed for several weeks. He was accompanied by considerable health complications. He was moved twice from the inpatient department back to the ICU. Gradually he had to fight with pulmonary embolism, then with pleural inflammation and eventually came another blow in the form of necessary urological surgery, which again delayed the hope of early onset of exercise.

Time passed and hopes for healing with him. The current prognosis of doctors – the chance of returning complete momentum is unlikely (although “miracles” happen).

Luboš is currently practicing intensively in the rehabilitation center in Hrabyně, where he moved directly from the hospital. In two months Lubos should return home from the rehabilitation center. His home is located on the second floor of a two-generation family house, where he lives with his parents, who inhabit the lower floor. In order for Luboš to be at least a bit self-sufficient after returning home and not be fully dependent on the help of his mother, who is already looking after a sick husband, he will have to buy a wheelchair, lift, not adapted for wheelchair use. Luboš will of course receive a contribution from the insurance company, but this will not be enough to cover the cost of the trolley and the construction of the elevator, not to mention further adjustments to the apartment and possible expenses for subsequent rehabilitation.

We would like to make Luboš’s return home at least a little easier and therefore we would like to ask you for help in this way. We will be grateful for every one hundred crowns that will help Luboš to live as much self-sufficient as possible.

If you wish to contribute, please send any amount to a transparent account with Moneta banks 233054341/0600. (You can check the account here)

For forgein payments IBAN: CZ22 0600 0000 0002 3305 4341, SWIFT: AGBACZPP

If you need a donation contract, write to the mail:

Thanks a lot.