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Canopies from Sky Paragliders are the result of the work of an international development team and golden Czech hands. A wide range of gliders will offer you the right one whether you are a beginner after the course or a sports pilot. Can not forget the canopies for mpg/ppg flying and freestyle aerobatics.

Canopy for beginners and recreational pilots [EN – A]

All canopies in this category allow safe flying with high passive safety. If you are choosing from this category, then we definitely recommend Aya, which is an incredible combination of excellent flight characteristics and high safety.

Safety and performance for recreational pilots [EN – B]

In this category we offer two parachutes, which are very different in their focus. New Kudos 2 is a fantastic choice for ordinary pilots who want to enjoy great flying qualities in a safe package.

Appllo 2 is the second generation of the popular high-end EN-B glider, which offers high performance for XC flights but can also be handled by a regular pilot. Apollo 2 is also available in a light version (3.75kg in size L, saving 0.7kg compared to the standard Apollo 2), which together with the Skylighter 4 make an ideal pair of lovers Hike&Fly.

Tandem gliders

We offer three types of tandem canopies, which differ greatly in their focus:

Bi 4 2 is an affordable tandem parachute, but it has not redeemed its low cost by using inferior materials or technical solutions.

Metis 4 is the standard among tandem parachutes and is used not only to tandem professionals…

Apollo Bi is a high-performance tandem parachute (EN-C) for pilots who want to show their passengers not just a hill from above, but the whole mountain range.

Twin and Pax harneses and Sky Spare Bi or Sky Lite Bi rescues are perfect for tandems.

High performance paragliders [EN – C, D]

For pilots who are not enough Apollo 2 and would like to achieve better performance in XC competitions we offer Exos (EN – C) and Aeon (EN – D). Both parachutes offer high performance in their categories. For this gliders we recommend Transformer or Skylighter 4 harness.

Canopies for powered paragliding

For beginners and recreational pilots we offer Cima PWR. Easy take-offs and a quiet flights are her domain.

Clearance sale at reduced prices

We sell older models at lower prices. Not all sizes or color combinations may be available in this offer. Contact us for availability.

Product lines

     line focused on pilots for whom the weight of equipment is everything

     line focused on recreational pilots

     series focused on sports pilots

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