Change of dates PGA Czech Open 2020

Change of dates PGA Czech Open 2020

Based on the current situation, in agreement with the organizers of the PGA EC and the Sports commission of the Paragliding union LAA CR, we canceled the registration of the competition as part of the European Cup. Unfortunately, the current situation does not allow free travel, so not all competitors who are interested could participate in the competition, and thus the inclusion of the competition in the European Cup would not give everyone an equal chance to fight for victory. We believe that everything will be fine next year and we will be happy to welcome the participants of the European Cup in the Beskydy Mountains again.

Because in our district are allowed events to 100 participants and this number can be changed at any time, we will be limiting the number of competitors possible to proceed according to the date of payment of the fee. In case of cancellation of the competition, eg due to weather or coronavirus situation, the entire entry fee will be refunded.

The competition remains registered as an FAI 2 competition and part of the League in accuracy landing. The competition is shortened and will take place only on Saturday and Sunday 15. – 16.8.2020. Complete propositions and application can be found here.

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