Club trip France 2018

Club trip France 2018

Have you seen video frou our trip France 2015? This is flying at the France. If you want to experience this, we offer a club trip, which is extended this year by national holidays, so we have a total of eleven days for flying, traveling and other entertainment.

France in Provance offers one of the best sites for flying. Flying near lakes, long mountain massifs in strong thermal and lake breezes. The trip also offers a tour of places such as the Verdon Canyon. Flying for the lavender scent could be an attraction for those who want to try the French air, wine and cheese …

Flying sites

Le Chalvet, St. Andre les Alpes

Legendary flying sites, renowned T-shirts “I survived flying in St. Andre!”. Beautiful terrain with landing at the lake with the possibility of XC flying at the highest level, but also recreational flights around the hill.

Moustier Ste. Marie

Flying on the Moustier in the town of Moustier allows for beautiful local flying with easy landing on a plateau at the start, landing at a lake at the mouth of the Verdon Canyon, or going to the back massive and flying across the Alps. Supply is possible on an ancient Roman road that leads from the start to Moustier Ste. Marie.

Saint Vincent les Forts

Unusual flight terrain with an elevation of 7m between start and landing. Start is on the promontory on a lake near Dormillousse Castle and the standard brize works so that it only rises up ….


  • 4.7. – 15.7.2018

Expected schedule:

  • 4.7. departure at 17h from Čeladná, around 19h there will be the possibility to join Brno in the Tesco parking lot
  • We expect transfer to Italy
  • 5.7. flying at Italy (Bassano del Grappa, Mt. Avena, …), at the evening transfer to France
  • 6.7, – 14.7. flying at France
  • 15.7. return home (visit Aeromuseum Sinsheim)

Transport and organization

Transportation and exports will be secured by club delivery. It is also possible to use your own transport.

It is also possible to use your own transport.
Terms of participation:

  • Valid pilot licence
  • For all pilots who have trouble-free launches and landings
  • For all pilots who have trouble-free launches and landings
  • Insurance for medical expenses abroad, which applies to paragliding
  • Third party liability insurance abroad

Note: If you are interested, we will arrange appropriate insurance for your stay, which includes medical expenses, damages to 3 persons, accident insurance. In case of interest, please state it in the application form.

Trip prices: 3 900,– for club members and 4 900,- for others

Price includes:

  • Insturctors at flying sites
  • Map
  • Navigation and instructions
  • Rent of radio
  • Glider rent for club members

Price not includes:

  • Transport with club van (price about 3500Kč and will be calculated by the real expditures.
  • Accomodation at the camp (about 6€ per night)
  • Food

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