Harnesses – Sky Paragliders

Harnesses – Sky Paragliders

Harnesses were one of the first products, along with reserve parachutes, which were offered to customers under the Sky Paragliders brand. Today there are harnesses available for all types of pilots, from climbers to XC racing pilots. The main advantages of the harnesses are high comfort and safety, low weight and reasonable price.

The basis (not only) for your first flights – the Gii 4 alpha

Gii 4 seats are designed for first flights and recreational flying after the course. It is a classic lightweight seat with foam protector. Now in three color combinations.

Harness or backpack – Reversible harness Reverse 5

The reversible harness is a step to reduce the weight of the entire paragliding set. Comfortable seating, safe airbag protector and spacious backpack in one, plus an elegant package. Weight in size L only 3.15kg.

Ultralight XC harness – Skylighter 4

SKYLIGHTER 4 is a new generation of harness for long cross-country flights, hike-and-fly and travelling. We have updated our lightweight cross-country pod harness to make pilots enjoy flying over the landscape even more and longer. We listened carefully to their needs and feedback and designed SKYLIGHTER 4.

Comfort with or without cocoon – Transformer

We know that comfort and safety are crucial to our flying. Sometimes you need to practice groundhadling, sometimes we just go for the evening flight and as soon as the season comes, we are looking for the equipment for comfortable XC flights. And for that we need the right harness. Modern, widely usable, safe and comfortable, just like TRANSFORMER.

Comfort and low weight for tandems – Twin and Pax

Even tandem pilots want equipment with low weight, high passive safety and great comfort for the pilot and passenger.


Seats with uncompromising weight – Skylight tourist 2 and Crux

Seats for mountain descendants as well as for those who sacrifice safety pads for extreme weight. Skylight tourist 2 in size L weighs only 1.47kg and Crux only 1.27kg.

Sale of older models

In the sale, older models of harnesses can be obtained at attractive prices. We cannot guarantee the availability of all sizes and colors of these harnesses.

Product lines

     line focused on pilots for whom the weight of equipment is everything

     line focused on recreational pilots

     series focused on sports pilots


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