Kudos 2

Kudos 2

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Recognition, reputation and praise, the very definition of the word KUDOS! Our R&D team worked hard to bring the new KUDOS 2, a paraglider that matches the true spirit of its name. KUDOS 2 is the reliable buddy that will lead you all the way to your first ambitious XC flights, and beyond.


Because you can feel when a wing is a good fit

Are you excited for better performance, but your hands are still a little bit heavy after your paragliding course? Or, are you a leisure pilot who flies fewer days per year than you’d prefer… or maybe you just enjoy more serene flying? Then KUDOS 2 will be your number one choice. This entry-level EN-B paraglider, with high pitch and roll stability, will bring you immediate trust and comfort from the pull-up and all the way through your flight, even in rougher thermal conditions.

Well-proven technologies for your good performance

The 3D cut of the leading edge, which was introduced in 2004 by Sky Paragliders, has since been used on all our models and is of course one of the key technologies applied on the KUDOS 2. Making the leading edge cleaner by shaping flat fabric into a 3D-curved leading edge brings a significant aerodynamic improvement and helps boost performance.

The reinforced leading edge (RLE) of thin nylon rods create a perfect shape in flight and bring a forgiving nature during inflation and launch. What else you would need than a docile canopy that rises dutifully over your head?

Mini Ribs for a clean and coherent trailing edge that naturally helps to reduce drag and give you a smooth glide.

What about handling? 

Responsive and agile brakes are prized and what you expect nowadays from a low B. Ability to react while you encounter your thermals is crucial. And that´s why whenever it comes to the fine-tuning of a new model, we can be quite ruthless with our test pilots. Nice handling is not only about the fact that the glider reacts swiftly to the brake input, but also how it reacts. We do make a big distinction between ‘change of course’ and what deserves to be called a turn. We really push our test pilots until they find the nicest possible balance between the roll and the yaw and insist on reaching the most progressive bank when tightening up the turn.

All it needs but only what it needs

Our philosophy has been to make use of all the technologies that can bring improvements to the behaviour and performance of the KUDOS 2 and disregard all of the needless gimmicks. This is the reason why, while using very durable materials (Skytex 38 Universal, Skytex 40 Hard) and only sheathed lines, we still manage to offer a lighter paraglider (all sizes under 5 kg). We’ve optimized the internal structure of the glider which has also helped to minimize its total weight.

As your glider may still suffer from some early bumps and bruises as you gain your skills, we decided to protect the leading edge by adding 8mm of fabric between nylon rods and the leading edge itself. You know how it is. Unpredictable gusts at launch or side wind when landing can roughly send the leading edge “nose down”. It’s not just an awful sound hitting your ears, but that ‘whack’ can reduce the life of your wing. Modest 8mm of reinforcement helps your glider to further extend its life. Because you will not leave your KUDOS 2 so soon but this is another story ;).

About performance

KUDOS 2 will give you exactly what is needed for your first XC flights: Efficient brakes to handle thermals or those tight turns, excellent glide performance for your skill level to reach another side of the valley unless you just sink out 😉 A compact and coherent wing wrapped in a good portion of safety.

OK, so stop boasting and avoid all the overstatements that are commonly used. Let us say that the KUDOS 2 easily leads the way among the best wings in its category, and a bonus is the highest quality construction for which Sky Paragliders is well known.

And on your first flights you will get KUDOS 2 with:

  • Inner glider bag.
  • EYRIE 2 backpack L. This is a comfortable and well-designed rucksack that will fit you well and comfortably carry your full kit, and more.
  • SKY TEAM T-shirt. Our t-shirts are made at our manufacturing facility itself because quality is more than just the price for us. The t-shirts are made of cotton and bamboo fibres, designed, manufactured, and printed at Sky Paragliders.
  • A handy kit a quick glider repair kit if something fails.
  • And USB flash drive with a manual and a series of Sky Paragliders photos and videos.


Technical data

Layout surface (m2) 21.78 23.27 24.85 26.55 28.36
Layout span (m) 10.48 10.84 11.20 11.57 11.96
Layout aspect ratio 5.05 5.05 5.05 5.05 5.05
Projected surface (m2) 19.36 20.68 22.09 23.59 25.20
Projected span (m) 8.79 9.08 9.39 9.70 10.03
Projected aspect ratio 3.99 3.99 3.99 3.99 3.99
Number of cells 45 45 45 45 45
Weight of the glider (kg) 4.0 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.6
Take-off weight range (kg) 55-70 64-81 74-94 85-108 99-125
Certification EN-B EN-B EN-B EN-B EN-B

Barevná schémata

Note: custom colors configurator will be published soon. In case interest of custom colors please contact us.




  • Upper gallery: sheathed EDELRID 7850-080 / 7850-100 – diameters 1 / 1,2 mm, EDELRID, Germany
  • Middle gallery: sheathed LIROS PPSL 120 – diameter 1,15 mm, LIROS, Germany
  • Lower lines: sheathed LIROS PPSL 120 – diameter 1,15 mm, LIROS, Germany
  • Brake lines: sheathed EDELRID 7850-080 / 7850-100 / 7850-200 – diameters 1 / 1,2 / 1,7 mm,  EDELRID, Germany


  • Strap: 13 mm polyester; Mouka Tišnov, Czech Republic
  • Quick links: MRNI 3.5, Peguet, France

Pulley: ball bearing Orbit S20, Ronstan, Australia


Note: all texts and values are taken from website


Additional information

Weight 6 kg

XS (55 – 70kg), S (64 – 81kg), M (74 – 94kg), L (85 – 108kg), XL (99 – 125kg)