Metis 3

Metis 3


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METIS offers a different way to experience paragliding sport, where you can share the experience of flying in two.


The new airfoil as well as other well balanced features allow us to introduce an EN B certified tandem glider that meets all major requirements for professional use.

No matter how much the glider will be appreciated by paragliding professionals because it is light and well trimmed for excellent flight behaviour, it will be mostly the passengers who need easy take off, stable and smooth flight even in rough airs and great flair for safe and easy landing.

And this is the point where METIS 3 will excel: the classical V structure and optimised construction of the canopy and hard work of the test pilots streamed into a real paragliding experience for both the pilots and their passengers.

The main distinctive features are:

  • excellent glide ratio and maximum speed
  • wide speed range
  • efficient climb rate
  • easy take off
  • smooth landing with responsive flair
  • well balanced handling in yaw and roll with progressive brake pressure
  • low weight and high durability due to the use of high quality materials
  • replaceable trimmer system
  • available in 3 sizes enabling the pilot to precisely choose the best size for their given application

Each glider is delivered with:


Technical data

METIS 3 38 40 42
Flat area (m2) 38.29 40.00 42.00
Flat span (m) 14.06 14.42 14.78
Flat aspect ratio 5.20 5.20 5.20
Projected surface (m2) 33.29 35.04 36.79
Projected span (m) 11.47 11.77 12.06
Projected aspect ratio 3.95 3.95 3.95
Number of cells 54 54 54
Weight of the glider (kg) 7.30 7.60 7.90
Teake-off weight (kg) 100-200 110-210 120-220
Trim speed (km/h) 38-40 38-40 38-40
Min. speed (km/h) 24-25 24-25 24-25
Max. speed (km/h) 45-48 45-48 45-48
Max. gliding ratio > 9 > 9 > 9
Min. sink rate (m/s) < 1.2 < 1.2 < 1.2
Certification EN B / LTF B EN B / LTF B EN B / LTF B

R&D information

The task defined by the team was quite tricky. You have to bring the tandem that will be fun to fly for the pilot and easy to enjoy for the passenger who might suffer from airsickness. As neither of us wanted to land with the passengers pizzas in the equipment, we had to work hard to make the glider great to fly for the pilot and stable enough to deal with turbulences of strong Alpine thermals for the passengers comfort.

As the passengers safety and comfort is a great issue for all of us, we wanted to make a glider which is easy to land with exceptional flair qualities. At the take-off, we wanted to avoid the usual rugby and football shouts when running after the inflation and the goal to make it a real experience for the passenger from the very beginning…

As the glider was a well behaved child from the very first prototype, we could spend half a year trimming and test flying the wing in many different conditions.

As far as the construction is concerned, it must be light and long lasting. Well, all the usual demands…

So, we used the usual motto we have: the METIS 3 has ALL the pieces it needs and ONLY the pieces it needs.It uses classical V structure, light Nylon rods structure the Mylar nose-reinforcements on the main ribs; they are removable and replaceable and are mainly meant to prevent the pilot from over-creasing the nose-section of the ribs while packing, retaining structure and form for many hours of use. Importantly, they do not run next to the top surface which has proven to be a wear point on hard working gliders.

The addition of Hypalon to the mylar within the nose, further ensures that the mylar retains its form.

Trimmers are fitted as a standard feature. It’s a well known fact that over many hours of use, trimmers can become worn and cease to function optimally. Our ingenious design allows for the wear pieces to be fully replaceable with a retro fit spare kit to keep your METIS 3 flying at optimal performance throughout, the often hard, lifespan of your METIS 3.

So, this is what we did and the way we thought about the glider. it is up to you to test the glider with a passenger and let us know how is the job we did.

Barevná schémata

Custom color

Customise the colours of your SKY glider 

To design your own glider, use the tool at the Sky Paragliders website. When you have decided on your own unique colour scheme COPY the name of glider and colours picked (e.g. METIS 3: blue / pink / black) into your order. ANY colour combination is available.

Gliders with personalised colours are available only at extra cost. The delivery time depends on the load of the workshop and may vary depending.

Enjoy the look of your unique SKY glider!



  • Panels and leading edge: Porcher Sport, SKYTEX 38, 38 g/m2
  • Ribs and diagonals: SKYTEX 40, 40 g/m2


 Risers: Mouka Tišnov, 25 mm (polyester)

 Quick links: Peguet, maillon 4,0 DI


METIS 3 manual CZ / EN / DE / FR
METIS 3 certification EN certification
METIS 3 certification LTF certification


Additional information

Weight 8,5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 50 × 30 cm

38 (100 – 200kg), 40 (110 – 210kg)


Banksy, Revok, Retna, Vlastní/Custom

Spodní strana bílá/White bottom

Ano/Yes, Ne/no


Tandemové závěsy/Spreaders, Tandemové rozpěrky/Spreader bars, Karbonové rozpěrky/Carbon spreader bars