Skylighter 4

Skylighter 4

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SKYLIGHTER 4 is a new generation of harness for long cross-country flights, hike-and-fly and travelling. We have updated our lightweight cross-country pod harness to make pilots enjoy flying over the landscape even more and longer. We listened carefully to their needs and feedback and designed SKYLIGHTER 4.


SKYLIGHTER 4 is an evolution of the SKYLIGHTER serie with several changes: the new strap system uses 12mm ultralight webbing and the geometry has been changed to give the harness more stability.

SKYLIGHTER 4 is designed as a hammock harness with foam back protection, and extra storage space in response to pilots’ demands for it.

SKYLIGHTER 4 is delivered in M, L and XL sizes.

The main distinctive features are: 

  • new strap system with 12mm ultralight webbing ensures safety and comfort
  • modified geometry provides more stability
  • small storage area under the pilot’s legs, large rear storage area with separate pockets, two side pockets and additional space for small items in the integrated cockpit
  • foam back protection
  • detachable speedbag (possibility to combine harness with three lengths of the speedbag)
  • the container for the reserve is placed under the pilot’s thighs – at the bottom of the harness in the center of gravity
  • easy adjustable in flight
  • easy release of the reserve handle
  • new inflatable rear fairing
  • integrated cockpit with the detachable instrument panel and the sun visor
  • speedbag board made out of carbon fibers
  • Edelrid Foras carbiners as a standard
  • Ronstan ball bearing pulleys
  • low weight (only 3.2 kg in size L  – complete harness ready to flight)
  • harness is fully EN/LTF certified  – the first harness certified according to the new revised standard EN 1651:2018

Harnesses are delivered with:

  • instrument deck (Cockpit)
  • ultra light ladder speed system
  • main carabiners
  • integrated Dyneema strap reserve risers
  • Sky USB flash drive manual

Recommanded rescue parachutes

Technické informace

Pilot´s height (cm) 160-180 175-195 190-210
Chest strap range (cm) 40-46 43-49 46-52
Harness weight* (kg) 3,0 3,2 3,4
Certification EN / LTF EN / LTF EN / LTF

*Weight including back protector, speed system, main carabines and instrument holder.

Note: all texts and values are taken from website

Additional information

Weight 3,4 kg

M (163-183cm), L (175-196cm), XL (188-210cm)