Reserve parachutes – Sky Paragliders

Reserve parachutes – Sky Paragliders

Sky Paragliders reserve parachutes are the result of many years of development and experience with skydiving, which the company founders brought. The current offer includes reserve parachutes of all types and sizes, including steerable, to suit all users.

Technological peak – Quarto rectangular reserve

Rectangular reserve parachutes offer the highest possible stability, low drop and low weight all at a reasonable price.

Weight above all – ultralight reserve Sky Lite

Ultralight reserve parachutes are designed for anyone who is looking for weight saving without compromise. In size L it weighs only 1.2kg. Another target group are tandem pilots, because saving 0.7kg only on the reserve parachute is not negligible. Taxing low weight is a higher price.

Standard in new package – standard reserve system Sky System 3

New generation standard, affordable parachutes new innovative container and lower weight is being placed on the market.

Sale of older models

Older models of reserve parachutes can be obtained at attractive prices. We cannot guarantee the availability of all sizes of these reserves.

Product lines

     line focused on pilots for whom the weight of equipment is everything

     line focused on recreational pilots

     series focused on sports pilots

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