Sky System 3 a action Old for New

Sky System 3 a action Old for New

Sky System 3

Spring is just around the corner and Sky Paragliders introduces a new generation of the standard Sky System 3 reserve parachute. It is packed in an innovative container and made of light materials.

Action “Old for New”

It is a traditional action to support the replacement of old reserve parachutes with new ones. The promotion applies to the purchase of Quatro square reserve parachutes, the new Sky System 3 and the Sky Lite ultralight reserve parachutes.

Podmínky akce:

  • Order a backup parachute Quatro, Sky System 3 or Sky Lite and enter the discount code “STARYZANOVY” when confirming the order. CZK 1,500 (or equivalent in EUR) will be deducted from the charged amount.
  • Send (to the address PGHNÍZDO, Čeladná 264, 73912 Čeladná) or hand over your old reserve parachute to us, or document the disposal of the old reserve parachute (video of the production label and cutting of the supporting lines)
  • The old reserve parachute does not have to be made by Sky Paragliders