Student school of paragliding

Student school of paragliding

Student school of paragliding is one of the longest running paragliding schools in the Czech Republic. It was founded by members of the Student club of paragliding at the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava at the beginning of the 90’s. The school operated mainly in the Beskydy Mountains, but many courses were also organized in Donovaly, Slovakia. At present, is the main activity at the Beskydy Mountains, where the club own the Paragliding Center in Čeladná. This is the headquater of the school, offers accommodation and a club room used as a classroom.

The Student school of paragliding is registered as Pilot training center by Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic.

School goals

  • Safe training according to the guidelines LAA ČR
  • Making paragliding available to students, teenagers and the general public
  • Pass the knowledge and skills in a fun way

What we offer

In addition to basic training, it is possible to continue flying within our club. This contributes to the transfer of experience from older, more experienced pilots to new pilots.