Flying site Velký Javorník

Flying site Velký Javorník

Velký Javorník is a place where hang gliding and paragliding has been running since its begining. The north-east orientation of the take off complements Skalka and allows coverage of both basic wind directions determined by the Moravian Gate. The growing spruce stand, which prevented safe starts, stopped the clearing of the departure zone under the starting area in 2018. Close to the start is the cottage of Pohorská jednota Radhošť, so refreshments are also possible. The start area is managed by the Beskydský letecký klub.

Great start orientation allows slope and trapping in thermals. Start is used for all levels of flying from schools to competition flying. Above the take-off is TMA 2 Ostrava Mošnov airport and flights are possible up to a maximum altitude of 1200m AMSL.

The starting area is used as a recreational area for hikers and cyclists who climbed the peak of Velký Javorník. Please take care of their safety when starting. We ask pilots to respect the operating rules of the flying site.

Take off parameters

Wind direction 340°-050°
Altitude 910m AMSL
Description Grass surface
Size For two prepared gliders side by side, in good conditions there is no problem with launches in less than 90 seconds.
Risks If the wind is at the limit angles, turbulence can be expected at greater force. In the west wind direction it may be a problem to reach the landing area in Veřovice
Transport Only vehicles with permits, asphalt, transport time 15 min
Equipment Windsock, wind indicators, weather station and camera.

Chalet with refreshment and toilet.

Recommendations for launches

The flying site is used for training flights of paragliding schools and tandem launches, so the terrain is not demanding, it only has certain specifics. The start area is narrow and relatively short. Prepare your parachutes on the edge of the launch area when you are ready, you can move to the top of the launch (below the path).

Sufficient start-up speed is very important for safe take-off. The starting surface contains a terrain wave, which causes a short-term relief of the canopy. Failure to do so properly can result in the canopy being overtaken and partially or fully closed. Under the start is a ravine several meters deep, but if you start correctly, you fly it without a problem. The departure zone is long and wide enough to allow a safe departure. With sufficient run it is possible to start even in windless conditions.

Attention, in case of stronger western flow, the departure from the intersection is accompanied by turbulence!


The landing area for precision landing competitions is located in the village of Veřovice west of the start. It is a large grassy area between the railway track and the development.

Landing parameters

Altitude 460m AMSL
Height difference 450m
Horisontal distance 2 100m
Description Grass field without obstacles
Equipment Windsock, wind indicators


Parkování je možné na oficiálním parkovišti u fotbalového hřiště ve Veřovicích. Z parkoviště na přistávací plochu je to asi 5 minut chůze. Prosím nezajíždějte vozidly k přistávací ploše.

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