PGA Czech Open

PGA Czech Open

The PGA Czech Open is a traditional paragliding accuracy competition organized by the Student Paragliding Club since 2006, as an international championship of the Czech Republic. In recent years, it has been part of the Czech League in precision landing. In 2006, the contest joined the freshly established European Cup in precision of landing, which later turned into the World Cup ( It was held in Beskydy two years later and was attended by pilots from Japan. the successful organization motivated us to submit a successful bid for the organization of the 2011 Paragliding accuracy World Championship.

PGA Czech Open 2019

In 2019, we incorporated the competition into the Paragliding Accuracy European Cup (

Competition information

Date: 16-18.8.2019

Full competition information you can find here..

Registred participants

List of registered pilots is here.

Locations and flying sites

The competition takes place in the Beskydy Mountains, a mountain range in the easternmost part of the Czech Republic. Beskydy is one of the renowned flight destinations and therefore pilots come not only from the Czech Republic.


Herre will be online result during the competition..

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