Autumn weather trip to nice weather (Lijak, Meduno)

Autumn weather trip to nice weather (Lijak, Meduno)

Do you seem to be approaching the end of the flight season? Would you like to fly still in good flight conditions ?. Then this trip is what you are looking for. Terrains we have determined only in general, see where the weather takes us. Flight terrains are suitable both for single pilots after the course, who want to improve their pilot skills and for XC pilots who desire flights and new experiences. The expected terrains for Slovenia are Lijak or Meduno.

Dates: 10.10. – 13.10.2019 (departure 9.10. late afternoon)


5400, -CZK / pers. for club members.

5900, -CZK / pers. for everyone else.

In case of own transport the price will be reduced by 1000 CZK.

Price includes:

  • Transport to and from the place + fees connected with it.
  • Exports to take offs
  • Information on terrains, their peculiarities and local meteorology.
  • Supervision of paragliding instructors Petr Bartek and Richard Bojda

Price does not include:

  • Meals (each participant carries his own, can be purchased in a hypermarket, barbecue, pizzeria, etc.)
  • Insurance, everyone flies for himself. (It is necessary to arrange for paragliding !! Travel + insurance against third party, we will arrange for 250CZK)
  • Sometimes on the spot charges for flying about 5euro / day
  • Camping (approx. 10euro / day)

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