V dyneema line

V dyneema line


“V” DYNEEMA LINE – for reserve connection with the SKYLIGHT and SKYLIGHT TOURIST harness.

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“V” DYNEEMA LINE – The best material of the recent developments is used for the „V“ risers for the SKYLIGHTERSKYLIGHT 2 and SKYLIGHT tourist harness.

It is used to link the SKY LITE reserve in the front light container (SKYLIGHT 2 harness only) into the shoulder straps of the harness or to link the reserve in the integrated container at SKYLIGHT tourist with the shoulder straps.

The „V“ risers is supplied with the quick link – maillon 5.0 mm – and four pieces of protective sleeves to fix the quick link in its position at the shoulder strap.

The risers is linked with the harness by the quick links maillon 5.0 DI (triangle) that are included in the SKYLIGHT 2 or SKYLIGHT tourist harnesses delivery. If you plan to use SKY LITE reserve with SKYLIGHT 2, you have to order light front container.

Length of V dyneema line – 141 cm.