The first set – bargain offer

The first set – bargain offer

In cooperation with the company Sky Paragliders, we offer participants a 10% discount on the prices listed on the website for a paraglider set. After creating the order, write in the order note that this is the “first set”, we must enter the discount in the order manually. The discount does not accumulate with the Winter discount.

Canopy EN A

All parachutes in this category enable safe flying with high passive safety. From the offer, we definitely recommend Aya, which is an incredible combination of excellent flight characteristics and high safety.


Gii 4 harness are designed for the first flights and for recreational flying after the course. It is a classic light seat with a foam protector. Now in three color combinations. A version of the Gii 4 harness with airbag will be added in a few days.


The discount for the first set applies to all types of reserve parachutes.

Very important – it is sold as a set, which means that the discount does not apply to individual pieces! The variometer is optional.

Delivery time of sets is 6 – 8 weeks, depending on the current production capacity.


For graduates, we also offer the Sky Drop vario at a discounted price.