Metis 4

Metis 4

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METIS 4 is a perfect working tool designed primarily for the rigorous daily use of high volume, professional tandem pilots! A true workhorse of a machine!

Flying effortlessly during several launches per day remained our main goal while we were designing and tuning the METIS 4.
Even tandem enthusiasts will appreciate and enjoy the enhanced safety aspects, easy handling, and underlying agility whether performing XC excursions or floating on memorizing local sunset flights.


Professional tandem pilots accumulate many flights in one single day. They, therefore, need a wing they can rely on in all conditions.

METIS 4 has been designed and developed to make the life of professional tandem pilots easy and to allow them to work with the highest possible safety standard.

METIS 4 inflates quickly, rises overhead perfectly just by keeping the tension on the A-risers, providing immediate lift. Whether zero wind or strong, the take-off with Metis 4 remains easy to handle.

The brakes are precise, and the pilot can manage all thermal flights from the hands up position down to shoulder level which gives the enjoyable feeling of flying like a solo wing. Highly precise and nicely progressive brakes allow for nice carving turns and smooth climbs.

While keeping up with the best professional tandem models on the market, METIS 4 is more compact. This brings many advantages, from perfect behavior during take-off to more stable and easier handling in thermals. Last but not least, a compact tandem will be more roll stable and will show more compassion for the stomach of your passengers!

Being the perfect working tandem for professional pilots, the METIS 4 is also a reliable companion for any leisure pilot who intends to fly tandem with the family or with friends.

The main distinctive features are:

  • Durable and long proven materials.
  • Long proven construction with evenly distributed lines.
  • Easy inflation in every condition.
  • Immediate lift right after inflation.
  • Precise and responsive brake within reduced travel.
  • Lighter brake pressure.
  • Better glide ratio.
  • Reactive characteristics on the toggles give you good feedback for flaring.
  • Highly efficient at narrow thermals and flat turns with closed trims.
  • Replaceable Trimmers, when the trim straps are worn out no need to replace the entire risers.
  • High stability in turbulent air.
  • Two size options (40,42).
  • Noticeably lower weight compared to previous models while keeping the same well-proven materials. METIS 4 is 0.5 kg more lighter.

Each glider is delivered with:

Technical data

METIS 4 40 42
Flat area (m2) 39.5 42.38
Flat span (m) 14.27 14.79
Flat aspect ratio 5.15 5.15
Projected surface (m2) 34.12 36.6
Projected span (m) 11.51 11.92
Projected aspect ratio 3.88 3.88
Number of cells 54 54
Weight of the glider (kg) 7.1 7.55
Take-off weight (kg) 110-210 120-220
Certification  EN B / LTF B

Colour variants

Custom colors

Note: If you order your glider in your own colors, please include the information from the “PICKED COLORS” line (eg Blue / White / White / Black ) in the order note.



  • Panels and leading-edge: PORCHER SKYTEX 38
  • Ribs and diagonals: PORCHER SKYTEX 40 HARD


 Risers: Polyester 20 mm, 12000N

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R&D comments

Artoosh Ghafourian (R&D team) says:
As a professional pilot I want to enjoy the time I fly with my tandem. You have to trust your wing in every condition. For me METIS 4 is the kind of glider that will not bother you in any flyable conditions. You can make a deep spiral by pulling the brake to the level of your shoulder. Flat turns for narrow thermals or landing heavy passengers is not a big deal. It is a really good tandem learning wing as well.

Alexander Paux (Designer) says:
Designing a glider to match the requirements of professional pilots means keeping in mind that reliability is first and foremost. Reliability is never achieved by gimmicks. Running six or eight flights per day brings physical and mental fatigue; our primary job while tuning a tandem paraglider is to keep the pilot fit for flying throughout the whole working day in into multiple days. Knowing that the canopy will rise over your head in two steps even by nil wind and knowing that one will be able to adjust the flare for a smooth landing even in difficult conditions are two of the main keys to reduce the mental fatigue. Avoiding the small burdens that spoil the day, like a vomiting passenger, also helps to keep one’s nerves! While developing Metis 4, we focused on picture-perfect behavior during take-off and landing and worked with a reduced aspect ratio to improve the roll stability and minimize, as much as possible, potential air sicknesses of the passenger. As for the physical strain, piloting a tandem remains an exercise where one pair of arms is working for two bodies (or two buddies). One can expect that a professional tandem pilot can achieve ten push-ups during the day, so eight to ten push-downs on the brakes to flare the glider are part of the daily job, but we have been working very hard to reduce the brake load within the range used to core the thermals. The lighter, progressive and precise handling of the Metis 4 definitely brings more comfort and more fun to the pilot.


METIS 4 manual

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg

40 (110-210 kg), 42 (120-220 kg)


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