Basic paragliding course 2024 – English language

Basic paragliding course 2024 – English language

Detaily události

Tato událost probíhá od 6 Červenec 2024 do 6 Červenec 2024. Další výskyt je 6.7.2024 9:00

The basic paragliding course offers you the opportunity to become a paraglider pilot. It is nine days of intensive training (boot camp), during which you can acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge (meteorology, aerodynamics, aviation regulations, …) and practical skills necessary for independent flying. The training starts on a training field, then you fly from a big hill with an altitude of about 400m. After successful completion of the course, the participant will receive a personal certificate, on the basis of which you can apply for a pilot’s license of the category Pilot at the Light aircraft association of the Czech Republic.

The courses take place in the beautiful surroundings of the Beskydy Mountains. The base of the course is our PG Hnízdo in Čeladná. The training will take place first on smaller slopes, one of which is in close proximity to the chalet. For flights from the big hill will be used mainly Ondřejník Skalka, Javorový, Velký Javorník and Stranik.

How much is it?

620 EUR (if the full course is paid by 31.12.2023 than discounted pirice is 575 EUR)


The basic language of the training is English, if Czech-speaking participants will also participate, they must be able to understand the lectures in English.

The course price includes

  • Rental of complete paragliding equipment (paraglider, seat with reserve parachute, helmet, radio, third party liability insurance)
  • Guidance by experienced instructors
  • Transportation to flight terrains according to the capacity of the club van
  • Club T-shirt
  • Educational materials

The course price does not include

If you want to see how such a course works, watch the video here…

Please read the full instructions here before applying.

The reservation fee is not 80Kč as it shown in the entry form but 80EUR. Sorry for system mistake.

Please note: After submitting the application form, please confirm Payment by Transfer/Offline payment. Successful submission is confirmed by email. In case of problems, please contact us.

Registrace na kurz/Course booking

Date Ticket Price Quantity
Rezervace/Booking 80,00Kč Sold out

Pokud jste držiteli dárkového pokazu na záklaní kurz, tak jeho číslo uveďte. / If you have voucher for basic course please fill the number.

Typ ubytování v PG HNÍZDU. / Accomodation type at the PG HNÍZDO.

Pokud jste uvedli "Student - ANO" pak vyplňte jméno školy. / If you selected "Student - YES" please fill the school name.

Studentskou cenu mohou využít pouze studenti denního studia na škole v České republice do 26 let (včetně) nebo mládež do 23 let (včetně). / The student prize can only be used by full-time students at a school in the Czech Republic under 26 (inclusive) or under the age of 21 (inclusive).

Dle hmotnosti zvolíme nejvhodnější velikost vašeho padáku. / By the weight we will choose the right glider size for you.

Rodné čílslo je jedinečným idetifikátorem účastníka kuru. / Birth number or date of birth is unique identifier of the participant.

Podle výšky zvolíme správnou velikost sedačky. / By the height we will choose the best size of the harness.

Dámské trička jsou označeny WS/WM/WL. / Women t-shirt sizes are marked as WS/WM/WL.

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